I see an item posted as in stock. Is it really "in stock"?

All of the items and product quantities that are displayed on our website as "in stock" are only posted when they are available and in stock.  

Any product with a Product ID that begins with the prefix "RR" is an item that is stocked at our distributor's inventory.  For our website to display these items, there must be at least 5 of these available from the distributor at the time our inventory management system queries the distributor's inventory each morning to be displayed onto our website as "In Stock".  

Any product that does not contain the prefix "RR" in the Product ID is an item that we physically have in stock in our local inventory.  

As always, no system is 100% perfect and there are times when stocking errors or over-sells occur.  This is a rare occurence for HPGS, but when it happens, we make every attempt to take care of our customers by doing whatever we can to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied throughout the entire transaction process.    

Why do you display items from your distributor's inventory?

We have decided to create an inventory management system to display our distributor's inventory for 3 main reasons.

1. HPGS is a small business that is owned by an active duty military member.  At the current time, it is not physically possible for us to stock a complete assortment of each item that our distributors carry.  If the owner becomes deployed, shipping orders from our distributor's inventory makes the order fufillment process easier and quicker for our customers.  

2. Our business strategy is centered on keeping our overhead costs low so that we can offer competitive pricing on all of our items that we can offer.  If we were to acquire a warehouse and a large amount of inventory, our costs would greatly increase.  This means that our pricing would also increase, passing on higher pricing to our customers.  

3. It provides a faster processing and shipping time.  Orders that we are able to ship from our distributors directly to our customers are normally shipped in 1-2 business days.  This option ends up being much faster than our standard 3-5 business day shipping window when orders ship from our local inventory. By being able to take advantage of our distributor's infrastructure, we are able to get the items you order to you quicker!


The Ordering Process

I've never ordered a firearm online before. How do I go about placing an order?

HPGS has two requirements to process and ship an order containing a firearm or an item classified under the National Firearms Act.  

The first requirement is confirmed payment for the order.  

The second item is your dealer's Federal Firearms License information.  If you have purchased an item covered under the National Firearms Act, we will need your dealer to email a copy of their FFL and their Special Occupational Tax stamp.  

Once we have those items, we will ship your order to the address listed on your dealer's FFL and we will email tracking information to you once your order ships. 

I see something that I wan't to order, but prefer to speak to a person first. Can I make a phone order?

Yes, it is possible to call 575-268-8453 and to physically speak to a person, however please keep in mind that HPGS is owned by an active duty military member that works on a military installation during normal business hours.  It may not always be possible for someone to answer the phone, but if you will leave a message, the owner will call you back when he is able. 

If you have general questions about anything, you will receive a faster response by sending an email to sales@highplainsgunshop.com.  E-mails are delivered to a cell phone and can be replied to much more quickly, unless the owner is scheduled to fly; at which time they are answered as soon as they are received. 

When I checkout with a credit or debit card, I see "Payment Type Fee". What is this, and why am I being charged a fee?

To process credit or debit cards, we are charged a fee from the credit card processing company.  Depending on which type of card is used (business/rewards/cash back/etc.) we are charged an average of 3.5-4% of the total sale by the processing company.  

Based on the fact that our products are only marked up an average of 4-8% over cost, we had to choose between not accepting credit cards, adding this fee into our total price for everyone to pay, or to pass on a portion of the fee to allow our customers to choose to accept the 2.5% increase in price as a "Loss of Cash Discount Pricing" as a convenience in lieu of having to send in a check or money order and to wait weeks to receive their orders.  

We do not believe in marking up prices and not charging a fee because there are many customers that would rather send in checks or money orders as their primary form of payment.  By increasing all of our prices by 4% across the board, our customers that pay by check or money order would ultimately be paying more money for items and we would be making an extra 4% profit.  We do not believe in over-charging for items if we do not have to.  

I don't want to pay the credit card fee. What other options are available for payment?

If you do not wish to pay the 2.5% credit card processing charge you must select the "Check / Money Order" option as the payment method during checkout.  This will allow you to mail in a payment and to avoid the 2.5% upcharge.  

Please note that we do not normally allocate inventory to orders until payment has arrived.  This is a result of some customers making orders and selecting check or money order as their form of payment and then choosing to not send in payment for their order.  We do make exceptions to this policy, but we request that you contact us once the order has been placed and to inform us when payment has been mailed.  This still allows our customers to purchase these hard to find items at the lowest possible price. 


Do you charge sales tax?

For New Mexico residents, we do charge a sales tax of 8.1%.  This amount is included in your order total automatically.  

For out of state residents, we do not charge sales tax, however most states have laws that require the individual to report out of state sales and remit the required state sales tax on their own accord.  Please check your state and local laws to see if this requirement exists for your specific circumstances. 

How much is it to ship my order?

For orders under $500, we charge a flat $9.95 shipping charge.  

For orders over $500 in the continental United States, shipping is free.  To take advantage of this, just select "Free Shipping" during checkout.  

For orders shipping to Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, or outside of the continental united states, we abide by the following policy: 

If your order will fit into a USPS Priority Mail Flat rate box and if your order is over $500, shipping is free.  

If your order will not fit into a flat rate box, or if it must be shipped via UPS or Fedex, we will charge you actual shipping.  To obtain a shipping quote, email sales@highplainsgunshop.com or call 575-268-8453.  

When will my order ship, and will I receive a tracking number?

The normal shipping window for your order will be 5-7 business days after the order has been placed.  In a perfect world, we strive to ship orders as quickly as possible, however this window may be extended depending on order volume, holiday schedules, or for other circumstances.  

Once your order has begun processing, you will receive an email stating an estimated shipping window for your order.  This timeframe is an accurate estimate depending on current conditions.  

We will send tracking information to the email address registered with your account, or to the email address that is provided during checkout if you do not have an account with us.   

How can I check the status of my order?

Order statuses can be seen under the "My Account" section of our website.  You can see all notations made on your order and you can verify billing and shipping details.  

If you have questions about your order, or would like confirmation that the order went through, please check your email that was entered when you created your account. 

All changes to your order status will be emailed to this email address listed for your account.  If you are still not satisfied with an order status update, please email sales@highplainsgunshop.com for the fastest response.  Calling during normal business hours is NOT recommended for checking on order statuses because the owner is active duty military and works during the day.  During most times, he is unable to log into the website to check order statuses.  Additionally, orders are not processed or updated during the daytime because of this. 

ALL order updates, processing, packaging, and shipping are accomplished during off-time from his military job. 

Have you received my transferring dealer's FFL?

All order statuses are normally updated after 5PM MST daily.  

If an FFL was not selected during the checkout process, once we receive your dealers FFL, you will receive an email from our website updating your order status as "FFL Received".  

If an FFL is needed, your order status will be updated to display "Need FFL", and an email will be sent to the email address on file for your account.  

If you do not receive any emails from us, please check your account's spam folder.  

What is your fax number?

Due to the increased amount of available technology, HPGS does not use a fax machine.  FFL information can be e-mailed in pdf or picture format, or alternatively you may elect to take a picture with a smartphone and then e-mail that picture to sales@highplainsgunshop.com.  

Please ensure that your order number or name are included in the email so that we can assign the documents to the correct order.  

Lastly, and least desirably, you or your dealer may mail a copy of any required documents to our mailing address listed on our "contact us" page.  

Military / LE Purchase Programs

Who is eligible to receive access to view Military/LE pricing?


*All sworn Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) State, County and City
*All Federal Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) FBI, US Marshals, DEA etc
*All Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation officers
*All Retired LEO with “retired” credentials including Federal, State, County & City
*State Licensed Security Companies (ie. Loomis Fargo, RAM, Securitas, etc)
*State/City licensed Security Officers
*All TSA employees
*All Railroad Police
*Fire Marshalls with appropriate ID and arrest powers
*Court Judges, District Attorneys, and Deputy District Attorneys
*Active Military
*Retired Military
*Purple Heart Recipients

What items have discounted pricing?

Currently we are able to offer discounted pricing on FN and Smith & Wesson firearms.  We are actively attempting to acquire more military and law enforcement distributors and manufacturers, and we hope to be able to extend military discounted pricing to more items in the future. 

Can I receive a bigger discount if I order multiple items?

In most cases, the Military/LE firearm prices are not able to be discounted because they are already priced very competitively.  In some cases, it is possible to discount your order total when making bulk orders.  The discounted pricing will come from the ability to combine items into one shipping container or to take advantage of more favorable shipping terms.  

Additionally, even though we do not currently offer specific discounted pricing on other items listed on our website, it is sometimes possible to discount other items that do not have an advertised military/LE price.  This is because we have to price every item on our web store as if someone were to make an individual purchase of just that one item.  Individual product price markup generally consists of a 4-8% markup on firearms, but accessories, ammunition, and other items are slightly higher due to additional incurred costs, for returns, and for credit card chargeback risks.   

To obtain a price quote for accessories, magazines, or anything else, please email sales@highplainsgunshop.com with the Product ID and the requested quantity and we will be happy to quote a price for you.  

I'm not on the list, but I am a veteran. Can I still qualify for a disount?

Unfortunately the firearm sales program requirements are managed by the manufacturers and we have no control over who may qualify for each program.  

HPGS still respects your service and the sacrifices you have made and we are happy to quote you a discounted price for any of our items listed in our normal inventory, to include firearms.  

To obtain a price quote for accessories, magazines, or anything else, please email sales@highplainsgunshop.com with the Product ID and the requested quantity and we will be happy to quote a price for you.  

How do I order from your Military/LE Program?

To order a firearm from our Military/LE section you are required to have an account designated as Military or Law Enforcement.  To obtain one of these accounts, the Military/LE radio button must be selected when registering for an account.  Then we will need to view a copy of your credentials to have the account approved.  Once you have an approved account, you will be able to view pricing on our military and law enforcement items.

To purchase a Military/LE firearm, simply add the item you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and checkout normally.  If you are purchasing a firearm for the first time, we will send you some paperwork to fill out and also ask for your credentials once more.  Once you fill this out, it will remain on file and you are free to purchase as many Military/LE firearms as you wish while we keep your information on file.  


I have an approved account, but I am not seeing that many discounts. Why?

Currently we are only able to offer discounted pricing on Military/LE firearms.  We are able to offer discounted pricing on our normal inventory, but to have something quoted at a discount rate, please email sales@highplainsgunshop.com with the requested product ID and quantities and we will respond with a quote within 24 hours.